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September 4, 2012
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Who are we? We are Invictus.

We are the shadows in backroom libraries. We are the anonymous buyers of occult items, rare paintings and strange trinkets.
We are the patent office, the treasure hunter's league and the hidden buyers at the Dubai Weapon expo.
Technology, alchemy, mathemmatics, magic, genetics, quantum physics, they are all facets of science and all are divergent doctrines of progress - divergant but still vital.
The fates of old damned humannity to technological and social regression, fate cast us down from heaven and down from our utopias. We were kept oblivious by our masters of the godhood we once had, where magic and science were one unifying idea, one theory and one concept. It was glorious and even the present pales in comparision to humannity before our fall.

The rebirth of modern science sought to explain magic and the unknown, but cast aside what magic truly is. To understand the unknown you must assume every posibility, every uncertainty.
Magic is no enigma, it is merely a tool. The creatures born of magic are of higher minds than you or I - They can shift and alter the properties of the world to varying levels just as you can shift the shape of soft clay or viscous liquid, it is natural to them but still possible for us. What if I told you humannity itself was capable of such power?
Invictus can set your mind free, we can release you from the shackles of the mainstream and open your mind to the infinite.

For over a century we have toiled in secret, under the wisdom of the visionary Galen Shtubrandt; a man so wise and so persistant that not even death engulfs him.
One day our deeds will come to light, but until them we must not give everyone hope for they could pass on before the dream comes true. We live in an age where magic is scoffed, seen as the engineering of conmen and entertainers but if only they knew.
Every invention, every theorum and every hypothesis of the past century has some connection to us. We, who shall one day set all of humannity free.

Under us, you and all of humannity can become gods!

Trust in us, and trust in Invictus
A sum-up of my fictional villain group "Invictus". Founded in the 1860s by the man listed, Invictus aims to propel humannity's development forward using a blend of both established and occult scientific doctrines (a concept commonly called magiscience). They believe that the Fall (where Adam and Eve were cast down from Eden for eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil) of Christian mythology is in fact an analogy of how an unknown event triggered the collapse of ancient and super-advanced empires based in places like Atlantis or Mu - civilization that through the use of magiscience was more advanced than our own.

What makes them bad guys is how they pursue it - when it comes to morals they are pretty apathetic and humanocentric, they have no quarrel with imprisoning, studying or even enslaving supernaural creatures such as demons and dragons, all of it in the name of "advancing humannity".

Backed by the wealth and influence of their chairman - who has been head since the organisation's foundation back in 1863 - along with the secret agreements made by wealthy bureaucrats, CEOs and collectors, Invictus became a deadly and sophisticated underground group. Not wanting to blow theri cover the bulk of their military consists of sworn-in mercenaries and former war veterens along with PMCs hired through a middleman.

Invictus's finest asset however is in its technomancers. Trained for the purpose of utilising and developing the group's techno-magic, technomancers are found in every field from engineering, to fabrication and high end science to field work and are often Invictus's go-to guys for handling supernatural creatures such as Dragons.
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Wormulon Sep 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
They sound very esoteric!
Spacer176 Sep 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
They are. Most people who are sworn into the organisation were found, they also work hard to keep their existence a big secret from the public. The few people who do discover them might have anything from a few days to several weeks before Invictus discovers their actions and cause them to vanish (if they don't try to run first).
I would join them, their ideals are exactly fitting to mine, they are so awesome : D
Spacer176 Sep 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Glad you like them. Although they are not interested in whether or not the planet becomes one giant city, I thought you should know.
Doesn't matter, as long as I get to be a cyborg :333
Spacer176 Sep 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
You might not even have ot be a cyborg to be immortal; Galen is immortal through other means.
Ooooh, which means? :3
Spacer176 Sep 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
There's more than one route to eternal life.
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