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Comish - Distance Will Never Stop Us by TwilightSaint

The first thing that struck me about this piece, interestingly, is the phisique of the two characters. The muscle tone under the fur is...


Draconis Size Comparisons by Spacer176
Draconis Size Comparisons
Despite reaching sexual maturity at 40 Earth years, Draconis continue to grow thoughout their lives at an estimated rate of 2.5mm every year. This accumulates as decades and centuries pass them by. At around 250-300 years of age, most draconis undergo a slight metamorphosis, their bodies becoming considerably more bulky over a period of a few years. Draconis past this stage of life bear comparitively enhanced strength and durability at the cost of their ability to fly, as beyond 300 years of age most Draconis become restricted to gliding as their wings find it more difficult to lift the extra mass off the ground. This does not mean their wings are useless however, as the wings still grow alongside other body parts. THeir ability to lift up the subject however diminishes further with age.

Organs and tissue also grow accordingly and remain proportionate to the body, theoretically allowing for one to roughly measure the age of a member of this species by measuring the size of an organ and cross-referencing it with other organs of known ages. There is dispute over whetherbrain growth enhances intelligence, as can be seen with the demonstrated specimen, the head gorws at a slower rate than the rest of the body. Or, much more simply, brain volume is not the primary ro sole factor in measuring intelligence.


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name is Spacer176 (not my real name but that's obvious) and I am commonly known by the nickname 'Monet47' on SporeWiki, which is where much of my current work comes from. I have always had a talent for pencil sketches and I enjoy it. I have been inspired to create since I was very young but personally my greatest level of experience is in sculpting.

What drew me to a site like SporeWiki is that I have loved science fiction for as long as I can remember, it shows up in my art and even my interests.
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I want to say I am sorry for my decreased workload over the past couple of months as well as getting behind on seeing and responding to the artwork of friends and my watches but I have been busy lately. As of yesterday I have begun a 3-year course in CG art and animation which includes film studies, Photoshop courses and using software like Autodesk Maya to make 3D models.

University culture lately has put much more emphasis on work and output so I have less time for my own stuff which is a shame because lately I really want to push though with developing the Draconid Imperium so I might squeeze out the hours if I can to work on them into a really solid IP. (I might consider components of the idea into my work although any piece made for university can't be commercialised afaik). Why am I considering it? Well I'd have to thank my new course leader who after seeing that most of the digital work portfolio I showed him (which included digital art requests and models/scenes made in Spore) realised I have a rather huge and deep universe behind them.

I'm also planning on a rename to one of a couple. For a long time I have indicated on Sporewiki that their native name is "Drak'onis" ("Draconis" being a corruption like how "Paragon" is a corruption of "paragavatus". In High Dracid the word means "dweller [of] [Lake] Drak"). To me "Drak'onis" is fine but then there's the plurals and connectives given. So what I'm thinking.

For plural either Drak'onis or Drak'onii, for possessive (i.e. something that belongs to them) perhaps Drak'onida, and state of being (I.e. a title) perhaps Drak'oniag (main reason that in Dracid -ii is for plural words, -da is for possessive words and -ag is for when something is something but is not a noun.)

For now here's a compilation of the relevant Draconid Compendium images for what I am dubbing as the new-model Draconis. Since deviantArt's submissions have their dates of publishing recorded I can keep a record of all these images and when I did them. Sorry if some of them look a bit scruffy, they're only ideas after all.

New-model Draconis look 1 by Spacer176Draconis wing and tail study 2 by Spacer176Draconis tail study 3 by Spacer176 Draconis wing and tooth study by Spacer176 Draconis wing and tail study 1 by Spacer176 Study - Draconis skeleton by Spacer176

If anyone has any scientific or anatomical advice for any of this I would love to hear any suggestions.

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