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Comish - Distance Will Never Stop Us by TwilightSaint

The first thing that struck me about this piece, interestingly, is the phisique of the two characters. The muscle tone under the fur is...


Fan Art - Radeon by Spacer176
Fan Art - Radeon
One night, :iconasdruabel: and I were talking and he wondered about making his Radeons look less like skinny rat people. So passing around a couple of visual ideas I came away thinking of this. Sorry he's nude, one of the ideas we passed between each other was bioluminescent markings and they just wouldn't have shown up as well on a Radeon draped in clothing  :) (something else I wondered about doing. Maybe another time)

I thought Grey aliens and space elves were too generic (and Impy thought about coarse grey skin as part of their look instead of fur) so I combined them. And kept a few characteristic features of the classic Radeon. Viewers on DA and elsewhere might be surprised to know that on Sporewiki these matchstick aliens are notorious religious zealots with a reputation of launching holy wars and enduring genocides and cataclysms. It's amazing what stripping a lifeform of clothes can do to their appearence and feel.

Impy I hope you like this.

Radeons belong to :iconasdruabel:


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name is Spacer176 (not my real name but that's obvious) and I am commonly known by the nickname 'Monet47' on SporeWiki, which is where much of my current work comes from. I have always had a talent for pencil sketches and I enjoy it. I have been inspired to create since I was very young but personally my greatest level of experience is in sculpting.

What drew me to a site like SporeWiki is that I have loved science fiction for as long as I can remember, it shows up in my art and even my interests.
  • Mood: Frustrated
Right now I feel surrounded by people who think it's funny to say variations of "Oh i'm/this person's feeling ill, I/they must have ebola". I don't think it was ever funny to me and I don't get the joke. I had one friend tell me that sometimes the best jokes come from risque or taboo subjects but this doesn't help me. Partially because I feel its disrespectful to the thousands who already do have it and partially because of how likely I understand an ebola epidemic would be in Europe (slim-to-none).

Plus out of the many hundreds of diseases that have plagued mankinds its only really gained prominence in the past couple of years and is opnly really affecting West Africa and somehow its the only illness my social groups talk about recently despite no signs of epidemic (that I am aware of) outside of Africa. My main hope is that everyone stops talking about it and move onto something else once the epidemic calms down (such things always do even if the endpoint is a long way away) but for now...I'm just sick of the lame jokes. To me, saying "I've got a cough, must be ebola" is about as entertaining as saying "I'm feeling sleepy, I must be a narcoleptic" when you're just tired.

Feels like a "let's joke about the disease of the month" situation but there's all kinds of ways to do this. But I don't see the humour in saying you have said disease or jokingly thinking somone you know has caught it. Or attributing any symptom of illness for signs that someone has caught Ebola (even stuff like "smoker's cough").

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